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Zoom Meeting ID:          598 762 8382

Zoom Passcode:            8612441426

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Upcoming Zoom 341(a) meetings:

Note that updated calendar with comments is posted one day prior to the scheduled 341(a) meeting.

All parties are encouraged to familiarize themselves with how to join a meeting at and using Zoom at It is recommended that you test out your audio and video capabilities well in advance of the hearing.

Please note that these policies and procedures do not affect a debtor’s requirement to submit and provide all other necessary documents to the Court, the Trustee and the U.S. Trustee’s Office. 

Required to provide prior to 341(a) Meeting of Creditors:

  • An original photo ID(Forms of ID include a valid state driver’s license, government or state issued picture ID, student ID, military ID, U.S. Passport or legal resident alien card)
  • Original proof of Social Security Number(Proof of Social Security Number includes an original (not a copy) of one of the following documents:  Social Security Card, Medical Insurance Card, current W-2 form, pay stub, IRS Form 1099, Social Security Administration Report, or other official document which indicates name and complete Social Security Number)
  • Most recent copy of Tax Return.
  • Copies of bank statements for all accounts for which debtor is a signatory for 30 days pre-petition and 30 days post-petition.

***Please note that the U.S. Trustee requires you to provide the above-listed items prior to the 341(a) Meeting of Creditors***

Interpreter Requests:

  • If the debtor requires an interpreter, please promptly contact the trustee administrator in advance by email to [email protected], to request an interpreter.  An advance request will assist in a more efficient meeting.