Bankruptcy Trustee


For debtors filing with an attorney:

Please submit to the trustee a most recently filed tax return as well as bank statements for all accounts for which the debtor is a signatory, including 30 days prior to petition filing date, and 30 days post. All documents must be submitted to the trustee’s office 7 days prior to the debtor’s initial 341(a) hearing pursuant to Rule 4002(b)(2)(b). Please note anything not provided at or before the meeting of creditors may result in a continued meeting.

You may submit requested documents via email, fax, or DocLink.

If you do not have an account with Doclink, or require further assistance, please contact the trustee’s case manager, Alexandria Fitzpatrick.

For debtors filing without an attorney:

Please note that all debtors filing without an attorney will receive a letter from the trustee’s office with instructions on how to submit documents prior to an initial 341(a) meeting of creditors. If you do not receive this letter, please contact the trustee’s office for further assistance.